Joomla! is a dynamic community driven project and we are always striving to improve and adapt to the changing world of the Internet. We care about long-term stability. We care about adapting to change. We care about providing a solid platform you can be confident in and rely on.

After receiving feedback from the global Joomla community, we are improving the release strategy so that we can better meet our shared goals.

For those who love detail - you can see the full development strategy here. For those of you who want the quick, simple to understand overview - read on.

The Production Leadership Team (PLT) is pleased to announce that there will be a 3.4 release of the Joomla! CMS, which is planned to be released on July 15, 2014.

We are pleased to announce that the board of directors of Open Source Matters have approved a change of license of the Joomla Framework to the Lesser General Public License, or LGPL for short. This is an historic moment because it is a mighty step towards fulfilling Joomla’s mission to become a “platform”  on which to build many types of applications.

With the announcement of the forthcoming 3.3 release of the Joomla! CMS, the Production Leadership Team would like to define our plans and timeline for this release.

Following up on our previously announced changes to our GitHub workflow, we have some exciting news to share concerning the Joomla! CMS GitHub repository and the testing of future updates.