Following are the meeting notes from the Production Leadership Team meeting held on May 29, 2013.

Meeting Details

  • In attendance: Chris Davenport, Javier Gomez, Andrea Tarr, David Hurley
  • Skyping in for part of the meeting: Mark Dexter, Nick Savov
  • Unable to attend: Ron Severdia, Michael Babker, Tom Hutchison
  • Location: Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands before J and Beyond conference

PLT Roles & Responsibilities

We started documenting the existing roles and responsibilities and made plans to continue the work.


The PLT occasionally sponsors non-PLT members to attend both Joomla and non-Joomla events. We discussed formalizing the procedure for selecting whom we would sponsor and what we would cover. We proposed to bring the issue up in the joint summit meeting to see if a project wide procedure could be enacted.

Budget & Budget Procedures

We were very late in getting the budget in this year. Part of the problem was not having a clear idea on what we had actually spent or how close our estimates for the prior year were. We determined to ask in the joint summit that actual to budget reports be sent to us regularly, preferably on a monthly basis.

We also determined to start on next year's budget now and assign one member in the PLT to be responsible to see that we stayed on track in the budgeting process.

Report from David Hurley

David Hurley reported on his accomplishments over the past 7 months.


We went through the Roadmap on the site to determine the status of each of the items.


We discussed what we wanted to accomplish as the PLT at JAB and looked ahead to what we wanted to do at the Joomla World Conference next November in Boston.

New Framework, 4.0 & the CMS

Discussed issues of the relationship of the new framework and the existing platform in the CMS, how they could work together, and how we would determine the architecture we want for moving forward.

Discussed the timeframe for the remaining releases in the 3.x series, in particular that 3.2 in September would be the last release with new features. Based on this, mid July is the estimated date for the first beta and the feature freeze.

Pizza, Bugs, and Fun

Nick Savov has taken these over and done a great job. Discussed the idea of having a "git ready" session before and adding some doc sprints.

Joomla Code Sprints

Talked about starting 2 day code sprints where we would physically bring together a small group of people who would code to achieve specified goals.

New Members

PLT members should be able to lead others and be willing to make decisions for the benefit of the Joomla community. We should have individual leadership goals for the year which we blog about At renewal we blog what we actually accomplished and state our new goals for the coming year. These should be leadership goals, rather than personal ones.

We want to be able to bring in new members one by one as needed throughout the year. We will change the community nomination form to be a standing form on the site so people can nominate others or themselves at any time.

Paid Staff

We discussed what tasks and under what conditions we would or would not be willing to pay people for work being done. This issue was then brought to the joint summit for further discussion.

There was a general feeling that we did not want to pay anyone to do tasks that volunteers were doing but not a consensus on what we would be willing to pay for.