Following are the meeting notes from the Production Leadership Team meeting held on May 5, 2013. 

Meeting Details

Meeting held via Skype on 5 May, 9 pm UTC.

Attendees: Andrea Tarr, Chris Davenport, Michael Babker, Nick Savov, Tom Hutchison, Javier Gomez.

Unable to attend: David Hurley, Ron Severdia, Mark Dexter.

Framework Report

  1. The Joomla Framework gradually evolves. The list of ToDo items until 1.0 can be found at
  2. OSM is looking into changing the Framework license to LGPL, based on the results of the survey:

Documentation Report

  1. The roadmap of the Joomla Documentation can be found at
  2. At the present moment the team is focused on improving the structure, cleaning and archiving:
    • Separating 2.5 and 3.x documentation
    • 2.5 Help Screens are 100% finished
    • Older documentation is being archived (e.g. 1.5 docs)
  3. It has been installed a custom extension for quick linking
  4. It has been added the ability to insert YouTube videos to Wiki pages.

Bug Squad Report

  1. Going well.
  2. 3.1 was released on April 24th, 2013. Overall the release went very well.
  3. 2.5.11 was released on April 26th, 2013.
  4. We still need to update a few pages on after 3.1's release:
  5. We've had a lot of new volunteers recently, quite a few of which are very active.
  6. Total activity is growing by leaps and bounds:
  7. Business Pizza Bugs and Fun event (PBF) on Friday July 12th.
    • It's open to everyone, but this time it will be on a Friday to try to get more Joomla businesses involved.
    • We'll schedule about 4 one-hour training sessions on the Friday before (July 7th) and one the morning of July 12th.
    • For the announcement, we'll release badges that can be added to participants' websites, similar to the ones we did for Joomla 3 (i.e. I'M R3ADY!), in order to promote the event and also to acknowledge participation.
    • The Joomla Bug Squad (JBS) Twitter account and a Skype chat will be used all day for communication. We might try instead of Skype though.
  8. Several JBS members cleaned up the JoomlaCode Tracker. Also, GitHub issue tracker now has every issue labeled and almost all of them now have tracker items. There's a few more that still need tracker items, but it's almost there.

GSoC (Google Summer of Code) 2013

  1. Today (3 May, 2013) was the last day for proposal submissions
  2. We have a lot of great proposals this year On Monday, we'll start going through the proposals in detail and submit the final ones to Google
  3. We can use more mentors.

Tracker Update

  1. Refactoring based on the new Framework
  2. Will have a test instance up on a subdomain of soon

Unit Testing for CMS working Group

  1. Working on integrating Jenkins and Travis-CI

Web Services Working Group

  1. No updates this time


  1. The goals of the Rapid Application Development are still under debate

Scholarship programme for Joomla World Conference

  1. No updates yet

UX Team

  1. No updates

General Business

  1. We plan to move current meetings time into a different hours now that Andrew is not member of the PLT and we don't have any other member in this timezone.
  2. PLT will start a process to bring new members to the team.
  3. Starting the Community Development Manager (David Hurley) review and evaluation process.
  4. Review the JandBeyond 13 agenda regarding PLT: roadmap sessions and bug squashing.
  5. Study the Budget questions raised by Thomas (OSM treasurer) that need to be answered.
  6. Request for there to be an en-GB translation team:!topic/joomlabugsquad/mKcGqJpudCs
  7. Study the attendance to next CoderFaire Event in Atlanta and research becoming a "CoderFaire Lab Partner" and sponsor which allows Joomla to have a representative present to talk about Joomla

Next Meeting

Meeting schedule for the rest of the year:

  • JandBeyond in June (meeting in person)
  • 2 August
  • 6 September
  • 4 October
  • 1 November

Meeting closed around 11:00 pm UTC.