Category Issue # Title
ACL 33044 JHelperContent::getActions() function improvements
ACL 33217 Administrator can't edit component options
Administration 33051 When "Add New Article" from "Article Manager: Articles" screen, does not select the current category, if a category is selected in filter.
Administration 33196 Adding the `showon` feature to component settings
CMS Libraries 32469 JHtml::_('bootstrap.tooltip') doesn't accept 'container' parameter as string
CMS Libraries 32687 JPath::clean: $path is not a string - regression
CMS Libraries 32926 No longer load MooTools with JCaption
CMS Libraries 33209 Extra double quote in JGrid::action
Code Quality 32427 Various code styling fixes
Code Quality 32611 JFilterInput function _cleanAttributes throws a strict standard warning
Code Quality 32747 application mocks with fixed class names
Code Quality 32982 Improvement: Skip the debug plugin if debug is off
Code Quality 33078 Void blank file index.html
Code Quality 33200 Improved if/else structure related to sidebar
Components 32318 Decouple com_contact from com_content
Components 33082 Help screen index missing
Components 33157 Missing metadata.xml in com_content view Categories causes item_type to receive untranslated fallback value
Components 33184 *Error when creating New Menu Group called 'Menu'
Components 33212 Incorrect table ordering value for Status column in plugins manager
Database 33166 Extensions manager doesn't show correct long extension.

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