Category Issue # Title
ACL 33551 Users not able to select root category as parent
ACL 33914 Redirect component ACL doesn't work
Administration 33285 Birthday message is lost if you add a new user
Authentication and Login 33103 onUserLoginFailure doesn't necessarily trigger user plugins.
Automated Test 32842 Several test failing due to cross platform incompatibility
CMS Libraries 20476 XCache failing locks out Administrator
CMS Libraries 32645 Trailing hyphen is removed in JHTML::_('select.options')
CMS Libraries 33104 Cache does not store pathway information
CMS Libraries 33584 JHTML::_('menu.linkoptions') returns error
CMS Libraries 33833 Fixed error message shown on "publish" exception in JcontrollerAdmin
CMS Libraries 33850 Config can't be passed into JApplicationCms.
Code Quality 33694 Don't use deprecated $app->getCfg for the plugins folder
Code Quality 33890 Remove the hardcoded logout for hathor as we don't use it
Code Quality 33899 Methods declared void must not return a value
Components 28389 Search Form Results Menu type and Basic options
Components 30925 'plus' icon for subcategories should be disabled if it has no function
Components 33848 After upgrade to Joomla 2.5.21 from 2.5.20 - contact form no longer works
Components 33876 Fix Search Filter activation in com_users
Components 33947 W3C error validation from com_categorie on backend
Components 33961 Unknown property filling error log

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