Category Issue # Title
Modules 31554 Module manager allows positions with trailing spaces
Modules 31681 Module manager allows positions with trailing spaces
Modules 31717 output mod_newsfeed
Modules 31754 *mod_feed issues in FE as well as BE
Modules 31914 mod_footer - replacement in language override string doesn`t work correct
Modules 31929 mod_footer : year do not convert to other calendar like persian language that use hijri date
Modules 31936 Add active class to breadcrumb module for more bootstrap compatibility
Modules 31961 *Login Modules wrongly display tips (RTL and LTR)
Modules 32020 "Articles Categories" Module - cache is not working.
Modules 32080 mod_articles_archive ordering is broken
Modules 32366 Login module doesn't show "forgot" links if user registration is disabled
Modules 32431 Login module does not display status button
Modules 32457 Yes/No Button at mod_breadcrumbs
Modules 32552 Count of mod_articles_category is ignored with Joomla 2.5.15
None 28496 *Register Email multilingual Problem in Joomla! 2.5.13
None 28638 Advanced ACL for com_modules, permissions per module
None 30027 Impossible to enter custom module position name if you have less than about 8 positions in the list
None 30280 Add random ordering on module Article latest
None 30455 Add current user option to JFormFieldUser
None 30556 JDatabaseDriver::replacePrefix: Optimization proposal: 100 lines of PHP can be replaced by 1 line of regexp