Category Issue # Title
None 31858 [JUX2] [01] Moved actions (on hover) dropdown to status buttons
None 31860 [JUX] [03] Added Joomla update message button to top of page on control panel
None 31861 [JUX2] [04] New Search tools on top of lists
None 31864 [JUX2] [07] Added front-end hover icon to modules to edit module in backend (with tooltip showing module position)
None 31865 [JUX] [08] Added some space above the login button on the admin login
None 31871 [JUX2] [14] Proposal for an improved Quick-Icons panel
None 31989 GSOC 2013: Microdata semantics library
None 32027 [JUX2] [16] Cleaned-up top menu-bar
None 32054 [JUX2] [17] Move the Help and Options toolbar-buttons to the right where they belong
None 32057 [JUX2] [18] Added new IcoMoon icon font set (including 'i' and Joomla-logo) (Thanks @nonumber)
None 32060 FOF description is show with ?? at language debug and is hardcoded in the xml files
None 32095 [JUX2] [19] Add view-dependant icons to title bar
None 32096 [JUX2] [20] Rearrange all item edit views (admin)
None 32143 *Multilingual improvement: Use static method to check if language associations is enabled
None 32161 TinyMCE 4.0.7 Update
None 32175 JED info link in extensions installer and 1-click installer of "install from Web" plugin
None 32220 Update Joomla! RAD layer to FOF 2.1.rc3
None 32224 *regression JUX #32096 commit breaks multilang edit "modals"
None 32234 *RTL: URL fields should be align left and LTR. BE patch
None 32296 *Regression JUX #32096 weblink association + normalising use of static commands for $assoc