Category Issue # Title
Plugins 31632 Small data type fix in phpdoc
Plugins 31661 Unclosed span tag in debug console
Plugins 31885 TinyMCE horizontal Resizing
Plugins 31894 Check for context in vote plugin
Plugins 31977 Component for Post-Installation Messages (originally Two Factor Auth enabled by default)
Plugins 31983 Fix regression due to [31894]
Plugins 31985 Remove clear lines at the TinyMCE
Plugins 32177 *Notice at login when session expires
Plugins 32197 TinyMCE gives PHP notice
Plugins 32372 Update TinyMCE to 4.0.8
Plugins 32436 The navigation of the plugins and modules does not work!
Plugins 32445 Wrong class for ‘yes/no’ button in plg : User - Joomla!
Plugins 32448 Missing 'btn-group-yesno' class for yes/no buttons in plg : editors / codemirror
Plugins 32522 Handle an invalid remember cookie
Search Engine Friendly 28794 Redirect to homepage instead of 404 with SEF and URL rewrite enabled if no com_content on homepage
Search Engine Friendly 31107 *HelperRoute classes generate wrong URLs
Search Engine Friendly 31746 ContentHelperRoute class generates wrong URLs in 2.5
SQL Files 28348 Don't hard code IDs for update SQL menu items
SQL Files 31273 Sample Blog: ordering of menu items in main menu
SQL Files 31564 Missing images in sample data categories