Category Issue # Title
None 31581 GSoC 2013: Removing MooTools dependencies from front-end components
None 31582 GSoC 2013: Removing MooTools dependencies from front-end modules
None 31587 Add ability to place named variables in language strings
None 31591 GSoC 2013: Removing MooTools dependencies from installation section
None 31596 Language field improvements + registration language
None 31602 add simple versioning to admin template css and js
None 31606 Small typo fix in lang
None 31633 Detailed changelog in readme.txt points to SVN which is out of date
None 31683 In debug mode with mysqli some extensions have warnings when freeing mysqli cursor themselves
None 31685 No article Message does not Show on Blog category
None 31689 remove 'input-append' in login module
None 31704 Two factor authentication for Joomla!
None 31725 Joomla multilingual site automatic installer
None 31727 Migrate application classes from legacy JApplication to JApplicationWeb
None 31757 Enable PSR-0 Autoloading by Default
None 31770 Update to jQuery 1.10.2 and add jQuery Migrate 1.2.1
None 31773 JLoader::loadByAlias
None 31774 Add the Framework DI Container to the CMS
None 31800 Add Joomla Ajax Interface to core
None 31844 Rapid Application Framework (Joomla! RAD)