Category Issue # Title
Layouts 31352 JLayouts improvements for extension developers
Layouts 31387 Button class missing for export banner tracks
Layouts 31480 Dropdown look and fix in Message Select user modal view
Layouts 31619 Fix subpackage tag in layouts + copyright
Layouts 32031 [3.x] Overridable layouts for tinyMCE
Layouts 32064 Fix small issue with mod_menu (backend)
Layouts 32245 Better styling for postinstall message
Layouts 32310 Regression: Restore lost editor configuration tab.
Layouts 32315 *regression: Notices or fatal errors for categories menu item display
Layouts 32375 Regression 3 column blog layout - prototsar
Layouts 32446 cpanel span calculation doesn't threat bootstrapSize 0 properly
Media Manager 29758 *Media Manager Maximum Upload Size
Media Manager 31318 Bad display of images at Media Manager (IE/FF22)
Media Manager 31622 *Media Manager doesn't cope with folder names that include spaces
Media Manager 31702 Broken Javascript for media-manager
Modules 30144 Obsolete class 'ModulesHelperXML'
Modules 30445 mod_feed template error when displaying feed title
Modules 30794 Title admin module doesn't disable the component toolbar title
Modules 30806 Incorrect database type in the Statistics site module
Modules 31097 module chrome for html5 contains incomplete class declaration.