Category Issue # Title
Database 32421 Installation 3.2.b2 fails on PostgreSQL
Database 32555 MS SQL Database configuration fails with multiple errors during a fresh Joomla! 3.2 installation.
Forms 30413 Calender popup problem in pages containing calendar fields
Forms 31556 Strength meter of password field
Forms 31692 JFormFieldUrl garble HTML with emtpy class
Forms 31726 Saving with no tags gives sql error
Forms 31750 class attribute for form field type media will be ignored
Forms 31799 Missing maxlength attribute for input type password in Joomla 3.x
Forms 31840 Can not set class to calendar input
Forms 31930 Ordering Form Field Changes
Forms 31957 Use UCM in ordering form field
Forms 32244 Missing Version Note in Banner Client form
Forms 32379 Regression: Preformatted images and urls broken in back weblinks and newsfeeds
Forms 32416 Color field gives php errors when using control="simple"
Front End 27824 Offline image overflow
Front End 31181 Overflow of text into other column
Front End 31254 *Print icon and print text in print popup not stylable
Front End 31360 The site is offline but anyhow the error page will show (e.g. at a 404 error)
Front End 31623 Beez3: bad display of tooltips e.g. at the FE user profile
Front End 31659 Dropdown at frontend search