Category Issue # Title
Components 32204 Add version history for user notes and user notes categories.
Components 32210 History version does not show current version correctly in some cases
Components 32240 Fix broken template style editing
Components 32297 Refactoring com_config
Components 32306 Add and fix ACL for com_postinstall and the postinstall message at the Control Panel
Components 32325 Category edit is missing label for Description field.
Components 32344 *Overrides bug: Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn't find constant JPATH_0 in
Components 32417 Small bug in menutypes.php
Components 32455 Restoring an article from version history in front end has incorrect redirect
Components 32459 [com_finder] Fix to taxonomy.php
Components 32478 ConfigModelComponent class was moved without deprecation period, result in fatal error
Components 32480 ConfigModelForm and ConfigModelApplication use non existing setError() methods
Components 32499 *Regression JUX #32096: edit override field is unrelated to multilang
Components 32511 *B/C: Hathor edit contact or newsfeed broken on legacy sites
Components 32513 *Regression: No filtering work in Hathor (managers as well as choosing article via modal)
Components 32514 New menu item > Articles > Single Article: search article doesn't work
Database 31139 Two functions in com_content article model need to use JDatabase
Database 31732 administrator/components/com_admin/sql/updates/postgresql/3.0.3.sql has wrong type should be integer instead of int(11)
Database 31838 Make the contact modal form field work on non-mysql db's
Database 32023 Hardcoded SQL in com_contact model