Category Issue # Title
CMS Libraries 32118 Content-Type header is sent twice
CMS Libraries 32247 Jgrid bug producing double quotes
CMS Libraries 32277 FOFFormFieldOrdering needs a FOFTable to act upon
CMS Libraries 32450 Issue #1866 Loosing port in URL of a Weblink.
Code Quality 30417 Extend individual content helpers from JHelperContent and remove duplicate code
Code Quality 30803 Strict Standards: Declaration of ModulesModelSelect::getItems()
Code Quality 31005 Move JMenu, JRouter, and JPathway to the CMS tree
Code Quality 31489 Duplicate code reduction in category views and hits standardiation
Code Quality 31490 Duplicate code reduction in categories views
Code Quality 31517 Reduce duplicate code in category feeds.
Code Quality 31641 Fatal pass by reference error in MediaHelper
Code Quality 31699 Remove last uses of JDispatcher
Code Quality 31724 Error pages: charset not defined - XSS risk
Code Quality 31735 Codeing style fixes on joomla Phpcs bases
Code Quality 31804 Two classes assigned to pagination links
Code Quality 31830 Fatal pass by reference error in MediaHelper Take 2
Code Quality 31833 Need placeholder sql files for 3.2
Code Quality 31919 Remove commented out code
Code Quality 31925 Code Optimisation Issue for JHelperContenthistory
Code Quality 32006 Improvements to JHelper and JUcmType