Category Issue # Title
Administration 32073 Change +1 to 1
Administration 32150 tag added to an article gets removed if ordering changed or in batch processing
Administration 32214 *ACL settings do not display for components
Administration 32215 *Setting frontend editing new Global Configuration setting to Modules & menus breaks back-end display
Administration 32221 Versions button vs Cancel button
Administration 32304 Nowrap not needed in Title attributs
Administration 32342 Fix wrong pluralization
Administration 32368 *Regression: Cancelling Component Options edit wrong redirect
Administration 32410 Options button not working in Joomla 3.2.0 beta 2
Administration 32550 Upgrade to 2.5.15 breaks update manager
Authentication and Login 30586 Usernames that should not be accepted can be actualy registered.
Authentication and Login 31410 Warnings at the offline screen looks bad.
Authentication and Login 31411 Show Offline image only if it exists
Authentication and Login 31716 Offline template: "remember me" checkbox not removed when plugin disabled
Authentication and Login 31796 Beez3: Login form
Authentication and Login 31942 Two factor authentication - Language file
Authentication and Login 31955 Two factor authentication is broken in the back-end
Authentication and Login 31965 Fatal error: Call to undefined method UsersModelUser::loadLanguage() in /administrator/components/com_users/models/user.php on line 1031
Authentication and Login 32137 No TFA login if site is offline
Authentication and Login 32152 Session expired message on login