Category Issue # Title
Code Quality 32068 Consolidate extension helper classes to CMS tree
Code Quality 32090 Remove unneeded code from back end profile save.
Code Quality 32121 PHPCS for the admin/includes and includes
Code Quality 32194 Banner model has hardcoded SQL
Code Quality 32227 Fix checkstyle
Code Quality 32284 Adding missing index.html files.
Code Quality 32309 Code CS Issue in com_modules helper
Code Quality 32334 Move com_contenthistory media to media folder
Code Quality 32345 Corrected JUI comment tags in less/css/js files
Code Quality 32352 Add class aliases for legacy application classes
Code Quality 32354 Hard Codeded SQL Querys at the Joomla content Plugin
Code Quality 32395 CS errors found in CMS build (mostly com_config related)
Code Quality 32434 Various code styling fixes
Code Quality 32528 tinymce.php; template_list.js inclusion with file_get_contents over http
Components 28214 Menu Items Could be Saved without Menu Item Type
Components 29107 Strict standards and code clean up in com_contact form
Components 29696 Weblink revision is not incremented
Components 30103 Cannot delete web site entry for a contact
Components 31478 User Note could be saved without User ID
Components 31545 Numeric tags and SEF