Category Issue # Title
Components 31586 Typo in model administrator/components/com_content/models/article.php
Components 31597 Undefined variable in com_banners model
Components 31604 Invalid column name 'RowNumber' from articles model with MS SQL Server
Components 31639 Com_search is using mb string functions (regression)
Components 31648 TAGS Options: Wrong Color on Option Selection
Components 31654 Browser Page Title Not Showing for Tagged Item Menu
Components 31696 Profile 'Web site' field not working well
Components 31697 *Tags menu items: impossible to delete the last "Type"
Components 31708 com_categories forgets to use JText to allow translate extended fiedset labels
Components 31711 Cannot delete web site entry for a contact
Components 31778 Rows in #__contentitem_tag_map table not deleted during category delete
Components 31817 *Helpsites.xml Refresh button not active in front-end profile edit
Components 31826 "Size" column in Maintenance > Clear Cache is incorrect
Components 31876 Contact Icons are missing when selecting new ones
Components 31877 Tagged Item layout not running events
Components 31884 *Smart search Index and Statistics buttons broken if lang debug is on
Components 31890 tagged items list has class "list-striped" and "list-condensed" in code
Components 31896 Stupid return in contact component table
Components 31913 Search results in Template Manager contain more than just templates
Components 31915 *Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference when saving/deleting lang override