Category Issue # Title
Components 31946 Support new mvc components in com_menus
Components 31980 com_ajax: Changes response format
Components 31997 Add content history versions to com_tags.
Components 31998 Smart Search Index Button broken
Components 32061 Normalise constant in com_ajax
Components 32069 Backend 'Edit Account' page doesn't change password.
Components 32070 Removed unused JToolbarHelper::title() in component helper
Components 32071 Unclosed div tag in com_content default view.
Components 32081 PHP notices when creating a new article
Components 32083 Broken front-end article editing layout.
Components 32087 Fix small issue with the name of UsersHelper in com_users
Components 32103 Can't create a menu item from view metadata.xml
Components 32122 Orphaned > in banner.xml
Components 32132 Insert image modal dialog has a bug
Components 32154 Notice in editing banner client
Components 32158 Type ids all saving as 0 in map table.
Components 32166 com_ajax cannot access modules with underscores in their name
Components 32169 com_templates and codemirror problem
Components 32170 Add content history versions to com_banners.
Components 32178 Wrong language string in com_templates