Category Issue # Title
Authentication and Login 32190 Username/password not recognised on first install
Authentication and Login 32199 *Allow username edit in profile edit when username is not compliant
Authentication and Login 32346 Coding error in plugins/system/remember/remember.php
Authentication and Login 32453 Super user password doesn't update hash and some other issues
Automated Test 32091 Some unit test for JHTMLSelect class
Automated Test 32198 Add some new tests, test cases etc to JHelper package
Browsers 31036 Search is broken on Chrome (and possibly reveals Joomla installation path)
CMS Libraries 30692 *wrong display of attribute in readonly user field
CMS Libraries 30698 JDatabaseMySQLi class does not support IPv6 MySQL server
CMS Libraries 30718 minor code optimization: libraries/legacy/html/menu.php
CMS Libraries 31350 Missing space in Calendar
CMS Libraries 31368 jdoc:include tag fails on type 'component' and 'head' without space before '/>'
CMS Libraries 31439 email cloaking inserts space
CMS Libraries 31630 email cloaking inserts space (2.5.13)
CMS Libraries 31662 Splitting the file containing JObserverMapper into own files for each interface / class
CMS Libraries 31749 JModuleHelper::isEnabled always returns true
CMS Libraries 31786 get_html_translation_table requires encoding value for PHP 5.4
CMS Libraries 31836 *JFile::makeSafe lets upload files with space in name
CMS Libraries 31845 Add JHelperMedia and Deprecate MediaHelper
CMS Libraries 32053 Use the new JApplication class in the tinymce editor