Category Issue # Title
None 33606 Add Canada locale icons and installation ini files
None 33632 *Correcting horizontal scroll bar in RTL (Isis)
Plugins 30423 com_search does not search for TAGS
Plugins 32441 Divide by 0 problem in debug plugin
Plugins 32544 Contacts search plugin missing Itemid
Plugins 33496 Incorrect return values for "System - Remember Me" plugin
Plugins 33499 *Update TinyMCE to 4.0.20
Plugins 33605 Error in contacts created by plugin "Contact Creator"
Plugins 33634 *Updating TinyMCE to 4.0.22
Search Engine Friendly 32517 Images not indexed by google due to dissalow /images in robots.txt
Search Engine Friendly 33428 make() method for component router interface
Templates 30197 class hide-phone for active numeric pagination items
Templates 31174 Language Debug at the administrator login
Templates 32447 Simplifying `modChrome_well`
Templates 32739 Fixing class name for Google Maps in Protostar
Templates 33404 Removed duplicate items-more div, it's already in blog.php
Templates 33408 GitHub: Strong dependancy on Hathor without checks. #3223 / #3225
Templates 33447 Updating isis/css/template-rtl.css from .less files
User Interface 29718 Missing support for Input Append Chosen Select Boxes
User Interface 32050 Can not disable Images and links front end