Category Issue # Title
Front End 33490 *Unwanted white space in system message div when empty
Installation and Updating 30747 FTP layer throwing error on update
Javascript 29782 Tabstop bug
Javascript 32761 Use jQuery for create captcha into plugin
Javascript 33066 Calendar is no longer loading Mootools and should use jQuery
Javascript 33105 *Regression: IDN email can't be saved as it does not validate anymore (since 3.2.0)
Javascript 33250 Finder gives Javascript error
Javascript 33484 Image preview mouseover throws "Uncaught ReferenceError: img is not defined"
Javascript 33601 All IDN emails can't pass client side validation.
Languages and Strings 32225 JToolbar Button name translated when it should not be
Languages and Strings 32632 Suggestion to Make an URL as Link
Languages and Strings 33505 Content Languages & Edit Content Language - Different order of fields is confusing
Languages and Strings 33637 Untranslated Strings on Joomla! 3.3.0.beta3 Beta
Languages and Strings 33639 Language string missing for My Profile Help Screen
Layouts 33197 System Messages as Layouts
Layouts 33385 Move getControlGroups into a JLayout
Layouts 33450 Don't load tags JLayout when an article has no tags
Layouts 33453 JHtmlBootstrap::addTab() double escapes quotes
Layouts 33512 Buttons layout for all editors (not just tinymce)
Modules 29909 Creating proper SEF suffixes for menu items