Category Issue # Title
Components 33153 Two factor authentication is shown on front-end login even if is enabled for back-end only
Components 33314 Tags issue
Components 33345 Archive year hardcoded
Components 33458 SmartSearch evaluating unconfigurable menu item parameters
Components 33587 'onContentPrepare' trigger not working in com_tags 'tag' view 'default' layout
Components 33644 deferred tagged articles are shown in recent taglist
Components 33672 *Scheduled items showing by tags when should not
Database 32619 MySQL driver and error messages.
Database 32822 Content insert fails on 3.2 Postgresql 9.0
Database 32995 JDatabaseQueryElement "union" not working
Database 33437 Fixing version comparison for database schema
Database 33463 SQL error if you save com_messages "My Settings"
Database 33464 Postgres driver: Missing column info causes fatal error
Database 33466 Postgres driver: SQL samples partially fail
Database 33664 Postgres install data bug in Joomla 3.3-dev
Forms 32639 JFormRuleContactEmailMessage declines valid messages
Forms 33295 Adding the "showon" feature to JForm
Forms 33332 Invalid language keys for registration password and confirm password fields
Front End 32861 Error on obfuscating emails
Front End 32953 Remove on the front the save tabs script