Category Issue # Title
CMS Libraries 33440 Updating Joomla! RAD Layer (FOF) to version 2.2.0
CMS Libraries 33468 JFormFieldTextarea error in __set magic method overload
CMS Libraries 33478 *RSS Feed with Unicode Alias fails to validate
CMS Libraries 33483 Ability to configure memcache locking
CMS Libraries 33525 *Batch Copy of Articles doesn't work as expected
CMS Libraries 33614 Fix handling with emty files at the delete function
CMS Libraries 33619 User selector is blank by default
Code Quality 30700 JModelForm checkin / checkout not checking for table properties cause 'Undefined property' errors.
Code Quality 33374 Simplification of com_content front end editing
Code Quality 33375 Simplify code in edit contact view
Code Quality 33391 Simplify code in configure edit screen in com_content
Code Quality 33393 Use getControlGroup in frontend weblink edit form
Code Quality 33407 [3.3] Alter code that deals with PHP 5.3.1-5.3.9 support
Code Quality 33412 Make JEventDispatcher compatible with HHVM
Code Quality 33497 Use non-deprecated methods for rendering fields
Code Quality 33498 onAfterInitialise() of "System - Remember Me" plugin should return void
Code Quality 33513 Simplify code in com_languages
Code Quality 33624 Expression is not assignable: Infix expression
Components 30929 Smartsearch suggestion creation must be changed to work case-insensitive
Components 32689 Hits data missing from Redirect component