Category Issue # Title
Code Quality 32351 problem with the function parseSchemaUpdates
Code Quality 33263 Fix broken UCM method
Code Quality 33401 app->registeredurlparams is not defined
Code Quality 33402 Update error.php
Code Quality 33642 mod_status - html validaiton error
Code Quality 33653 Array to string conversion notice in mod_articles_category with PHP 5.4+ Strict
Code Quality 33676 Improve DB Query Code quality in ContentContact plugin
Code Quality 33681 Updates to JUpdater
Code Quality 33696 Don't use deprecated $app->getCfg in the frontend modules
Code Quality 33732 unnecessary ternary
Code Quality 33745 Make enqueueMessage() more DRY
Code Quality 33820 Use quoteName in com_messages
Components 29562 Banner details shows trashed client
Components 30478 com_finder - smart search not filtering unpublished articles
Components 31160 Use of JRequest in the Users Component Controller
Components 31637 Contact form can be used to spam
Components 31645 Removing tags from a component item deletes all ucm_content items with the same "core_content_item_id"
Components 32079 *Media Manager or media modals post_max_size issue
Components 32655 com_tags detailview displays wrong heading
Components 32944 Save and Close in new customise template component