Category Issue # Title
Components 33180 *Smart search filter can't list non-Latin categories
Components 33389 Banner tracking not incrementing the #__banner_tracks count column . Issue and fix
Components 33474 Use Exceptions for db error handling in com_content voting
Components 33532 Category Blog - Not hiding the info block html on all positions.
Components 33602 Tags view on cat-blog and articles
Components 33657 Missing property language( com_content )
Components 33662 Joomla CMS 3.3 rc: Microdata in single article view causes invalid HTML
Components 33704 Broken links for categories with sections
Components 33742 *Administrator lang strings overrides can't be deleted
Components 33757 *Delete an override.ini file if empty
Components 33791 Tooltip correction in smart search
Components 33797 Wrong return path when trying to edit a checked out article - frontend
Database 33691 JDatabaseQuery::union group by clause - first group by clause in union is appended to end of query.
Forms 29956 com_finder predefined date filters are not working
Forms 30845 Inconsistent element ID in JFormFieldUserGroup
Forms 33480 JForm type number max/min limits
Front End 33568 Remove mootools from com_content category view
Front End 33843 The readmore link is broken on the feeds
Installation and Updating 30747 FTP layer throwing error on update
Installation and Updating 33214 JsonSerializable is missing in PHP5.5 on Debian Linux servers