Category Issue # Title
Installation and Updating 33792 Schemas not supported in discovery_install
Javascript 33037 Email Cloaking causes slower page loading in Firefox
Javascript 33600 Remove validate-jquery-uncompressed.js
Languages and Strings 31952 Various language string updates for users
Languages and Strings 32783 joomla.edit.details layout saves empty language
Languages and Strings 32888 JText: Changed conditional to make it easier to read
Layouts 31588 JLayout for the toolbar-separator isn't working
Layouts 32295 In IE the gradient background on the login-page won't display.
Layouts 32901 The Multi Column Order don't work for the category blog view
Layouts 32958 Fieldset descriptions aren't shown in parameters
Layouts 33297 Using the "joomla.content.icons" JLayout for article and feature view
Layouts 33563 Make messages use JLayouts in Isis and Beez3
Media Manager 31837 Wrong class name in error message after create new folder with spaces and forbidden characters.
Media Manager 33413 Cannot upload file to sub-folder in Media Manager in back end
Modules 31513 OpenSearch Description File not generated correctly
None 32258 FOFModel::getTmpInstance() clears input before getItemList() is run
None 33338 Fix wrong results returned by JLanguageAssociations->isEnabled
None 33569 [imp] Update Message for extensions
None 33688 JApplicationCms::getRouter() is a static method and should be called as such
None 33705 Broken ACL check for categories with sections