Category Issue # Title
None 33744 Update jQuery in Joomla to 1.11.1
None 33772 *Multilanguage: Finder suggestions are always bound to the default language
None 33811 Undefined index & Invalid argument supplied for foreach() Wincache Joomla 3.3
None 33813 Beez3: when elements aren't found it broke others scripts in the page
Platform 33645 Deprecate the use of an expression in JDocumentHtml::countModules()
Plugins 33099 Wrong config calls for cookie settings in languagefilter and logout plugin
Plugins 33298 Add valid_elements option to TinyMCE plugin
Plugins 33617 New option for redirect plugin: Collect URLs
Plugins 33750 *Correcting tips and spacer display for the profile forms
Plugins 33787 Recaptcha plugin, variable not used.
Plugins 33803 *Updating TinyMCE to version 4.0.28
Plugins 33819 Emails with "+" can't cloak by Joomla
Search Engine Friendly 29425 Supported document types missing in htaccess and web.config
SQL Files 33625 Remove useage of bootstrap_size = 1 in sample data
SQL Files 33773 installations fails on mssql (include solution)
Templates 31127 *Protostar template does not highlight com_search results
Templates 31643 Add styling to Isis - template.css
Templates 32323 Unnecessary Isis padding-top @ 738px
Templates 32862 Fix for unsupported comment tag ( //)
Templates 32894 Nesting issue: beez3/catergory/blog.php