Joomla 3.9

As previously announced here, the Joomla Project is working on a GDPR oriented release including tools to help you with the privacy of your websites.

Joomla Gmail Authentication Plugin

Since version 1.5, the Joomla CMS contains a Gmail authentication plugin. Its main purpose was to illustrate how you can build a Joomla authentication plugin for an external service with a ‘real world’ example. The web has changed dramatically since then, but not this plugin. The technique the plugin is using is not anymore state of the art and less secure.

Joomla Compatibility Layer

With the release of Joomla 3.8 a first compatibility layer for Joomla 4 was released. What does this layer contain? Why is such a layer needed? Questions like this will be answered in this post.

Joomla and UI Frameworks

With every new major version release of our popular CMS, we have some points of attention to bring to our developers and users. With the upcoming Joomla 4 launch, this is no different. You can load any UI framework you want in your extension, template, plugin, ... But you may not unload any media of the package (Bootstrap, jQuery, MooTools, Chosen, or whatever libraries are being introduced into 4.0), otherwise things will break.

Joomla 3.8 New Routing System

Joomla! 3.8 has introduced a brand new routing system. This feature which vastly improves Joomla’s out of the box SEO capabilities, and has been long awaited by users.

In order to understand this feature in greater detail and its implications on existing and new websites as well as 3rd party extensions, the Marketing Team spoke to Hannes Papenberg - the lead developer of this feature.