Politehnica University of Bucharest.

Experience with Joomla:
Regarding my familiarity with Joomla, I am only accustomed to configuring and customizing the CMS. Every time I needed to create a new website for myself or for friends, the first option that sprang to mind was always the Joomla! CMS:


An example of a customization that I did on the joomla­cms core would be on this page [1]. It allows guests to create new accounts which will then be used in two places: In the website frontend, so they can access their profile (default Joomla behavior). In the software that we created, in order to be able to login and use the software.

In order to do this, I implemented and integrated a function which creates a new mysql user (based on the chosen username from the website, but modified in a certain way) in addition to the new Joomla user account. This user only has read permissions which can then be used from the software to login and perform searching of certain elements in a particular database. It’s actually a quite small implementation, but in order to do it I had to understand how that part of the code works.

Other small customizations would include creating and modifying templates or integrating LiveValidation [2] into my forms.


One interesting fact about myself
I’ve been practising entrepreneurship for two years and it’s been a very interesting path to follow. You work when you choose to, on something you like, with whom you desire and it’s great from that point of view. But it’s risky and it teaches you that you are the only one responsible for the situation you are in. If the business doesn’t make any money, it’s only your fault. This leads to high self­motivation, which, in my opinion, is essential for success. is the website for the project that some friends and I have worked on since late 2010. It is a software aimed at the constructions industry that helps you in the process of creating the required documentation for participating in auctions (obtaining various estimations by creating all the recipes with materials and prices from many suppliers for construction projects).

The program is written in Java, you can see some screenshots on the website, and it is targeted exclusively to Romania, because of the legislation that differs from other countries. Aimed towards constructors and architects, it is entirely free to download and register, and you can see a video presentation here [1] ( that’s my voice in the background :) ).

Although I really like this project and I still support it as much as I can, I have decided that in the future I want to work on something that I am even more passionate about, something global, something I would personally use and love. I’ve contributed to phpMyAdmin because I think it’s a great tool, I plan on contributing to Joomla as well, because I find it insanely useful (for startups in particular), and, after GSoC, most likely in 2014, I plan on starting a new adventure.