Category Issue # Title
Modules 30305 Correcting the similar tags module
Modules 30320 *Deleted Tagged items are not deleted from the map table and core_content table
Modules 30326 Cannot add position in Module Manager
Modules 30340 Fix regression in Similar Tags Module
Modules 30348 Popular ags Module showing multiple copies of links
Modules 30351 State and language filtering not presesnt in Similar Tag module
Modules 30382 Fatal error in mod_weblinks
Modules 30391 Fixes array not being initialized
Modules 30428 nofollw not set correctly in mod_weblinks
Modules 30450 Remove moduleclass suffix from and elements in mod_search
Modules 30499 Duplicate 'btn' class in login module button
Modules 30505 Weblink module ignores end publishing date
Modules 30603 Tags: Similar Tags Module Shows the same article multiple time
None 26233 Allow ability to upload file (eg: profile picture) through com_users profile
None 28574 Remove the GeSHi plug-in
None 29677 robots.txt in updates
None 29822 Show logs in debug console
None 29855 Add a component for creating and managing (nested) tagging in content components
None 29891 Begin using reusable layouts
None 29965 Add pagination in COM_SEARCH component