Category Issue # Title
Installation and Updating 30380 Joomla 3.1 should *not* suggest to use 'admin' as the default admin username
Installation and Updating 30397 Correct en-GB grammar in installation
Installation and Updating 30506 Joomla update system erases entire site if downloaded zip package is broken
Installation and Updating 30532 Extension Manager -> Database not displaying Other Information tab
Installation and Updating 30551 Test packages for Beta4
Installation and Updating 30559 'joomla_310.ddfre_updates' doesn't exist
Installation and Updating 30600 Bug in installation 3.1 B4 / Table #_ucm_base
Javascript 30297 Changed MooTools to jQuery based color picker
Javascript 30323 tag created iso selected with ajax interface when using keyboard only selection
Javascript 30361 Chosen minified and un-minified versions are different
Languages and Strings 29709 Imposed translation on menu description
Languages and Strings 30075 False statement about the recommended Update source at STS Versions
Languages and Strings 30078 *Adding Note when language pack version is not equal to Joomla version
Languages and Strings 30079 * Improving cookie handling in languagefilter plugin
Languages and Strings 30126 *wrong alternate when using associations in multilanguage
Languages and Strings 30159 *Improving multilanguage status module
Languages and Strings 30220 TAGS - language string typo
Languages and Strings 30227 Missing files on en-GB.xml
Languages and Strings 30231 *TAGS: does not filter on language
Languages and Strings 30270 Wrong string