Category Issue # Title
CMS Libraries 30190 allow string-based input fields to use the 'multiple' attribute
CMS Libraries 30214 JLog::add in JFolder::create logs erroneous error messages
CMS Libraries 30221 JTags method declarations are not optimal
CMS Libraries 30446 Fix Strict warning `Attribute already exists`
CMS Libraries 30458 Tags: Fatal Error with 3rd Party Component That Uses Categories
CMS Libraries 30523 Fix Tag Batch Creation and Tag Library Cleanup
CMS Libraries 30555 JTableContenttype->save() breaks type_alias
CMS Libraries 30584 JUcmContent can't construct from alias / error in install SQL
CMS Libraries 30599 Backward Compatibilty break in JHtmlBootstrap::addPanel and ::startPane
Code Quality 29803 Encourage proper use of JHtml APIs dealing with scripts and stylesheets
Code Quality 29970 Robots.txt check url no more working
Code Quality 30180 argument three in phpdoc should be the variable name
Code Quality 30260 Fix for Undefined index: custom_position
Code Quality 30311 Move code from tag model to tags class
Code Quality 30349 Cleaned up use of database & query objects
Code Quality 30353 Clean up left over debugging
Code Quality 30359 Fix code style in admin modules: mod_version
Code Quality 30360 Fix code style in admin modules: mod_feed
Code Quality 30362 Fix code style in admin modules: mod_latest
Code Quality 30363 Fix code style in admin modules: mod_logged