Category Issue # Title
Languages and Strings 30489 *Regression: Menu Type UTF8 Alias prevents display in Menu Items Manager in J3
Languages and Strings 30511 Capitalise Custom output title
Languages and Strings 30655 *TAGS: Wrong constant in en-GB.plg_finder_tags.ini
Layouts 29734 Joomla Newsfeed problem
Layouts 29896 Switch JHtmlIcons to render with JLayout, update quickicons module to suit
Layouts 30405 Waringin in compact tag view when images is empty
Layouts 30444 Newfeeds Hide icon wrong colour
Layouts 30481 Missing space between icon-cog and caret in featured view
Layouts 30541 Small fixes to batch processing layouts
Layouts 30596 Access Level in weblinnks manager is displaying as number
Media Manager 29252 Media manager Directory doesn't update while browsing folders
Media Manager 29377 Image select
Modules 29183 WebLinks module shows is ignoring end published date
Modules 29353 Smart Search Module Not Using Selected Filter
Modules 29898 mod_banners module must be unprotected extension.
Modules 30062 Base Item option in mod_menu has no effect [regression]
Modules 30063 Disabled template positions shown in module available positions
Modules 30186 Weblinks module fails
Modules 30267 *Modifying constant in logged in module (back-end)
Modules 30288 Module Prepare Paramater breaks Cache + Browser Cache + Application Rendering time