Category Issue # Title
Code Quality 30365 Fix code style in admin modules: mod_login
Code Quality 30425 Remove duplicated filterText() methods
Code Quality 30427 Remove 1.5 html methods from com_newsfeeds
Code Quality 30508 Fixed typo $text = $text = '..';
Code Quality 30583 Deprecate SimplePie
Code Quality 30653 Use of undefined DEBUG constant
Components 24792 onContentPrepareData event is not implemented in all components generating forms to allow manipulation of the form data
Components 26860 A Contact name *must not* be unique
Components 28171 Com_content category view incorrect ordering of 'featured' articles
Components 28409 Smart Search gives fatal error when searching with stemmer enabled
Components 28803 Bug in com_contact
Components 28874 Registration activation email links
Components 28924 Add SQL Server subclass for FinderIndexer
Components 28972 Smart Search: suggestions are not filtered by current language
Components 28978 Smart search (com_finder) - problem when using 'Allow Empty Search'
Components 29058 Check parent state/access in Smart Search category plugin
Components 29250 *Com_content caches article view no matter of Itemid
Components 29680 JLIB_DATABASE_QUERY_FAILED when upgrading to 3.0.2 (Postgresql: invalid input syntax for integer)
Components 29769 com_config component missing triggers on save
Components 29770 com_config component missing triggers on save