Category Issue # Title
Components 30001 Menu and Article Associations does not work under Global Cache
Components 30066 Minor update releases not showing by default for new 3.0.x installs
Components 30074 *Front end edit button missing in category blog *here is fix*
Components 30076 Pagination does not work for components with more than one administrative view
Components 30226 *TAGS: Getting rid of all aspects concerning lang associations
Components 30248 Show Intro Text = Hide currently has no effect in Featured and Category menu items
Components 30251 Add single tag feed view
Components 30261 Contact tagging not working and contact notice in front end.
Components 30264 AJAX field for taggng
Components 30266 Array to string conversion in smart search
Components 30283 *Missing filter field parameter for contacts, newsfeeds, weblinks List All Categories menu items + error in Article categories menu item
Components 30304 Cant add fields to the category form using a plugin
Components 30327 PHP Notice using new layouts (from pull request 814)
Components 30333 *TAGS: Notice when entering 2 tags in a tags menu item
Components 30335 Updated Front-end Tags Layout
Components 30338 Wrong contact items publishing state from Contact details > state
Components 30339 Component Update Info URL - open in new tab
Components 30355 Tagged item list is showing unpublished, trashed and archived items
Components 30384 *TAGS: 'Compact List of Tagged items' menu item issues in multilanguage
Components 30396 Enabling finder plugins breaks tags saving