Category Issue # Title
Components 30621 Fix batch issues, metadata issues and improve code quality
Components 30640 Hathor - Not tag field shown in core content
Components 30652 Commit for issue 29916 broke Smart Search indexing
Database 28356 Update query for SQL Server using invalid data in datetime field
Database 29520 Cannot add new menu item. [qlsrv]
Database 29551 Fixed list_price and sale_price
Database 29678 null value in column 'data' (postgresql)
Database 29916 MySQL connections are not closed
Database 30262 Add PostgreSQL schema for tags, sync with MySQL, update script additions
Database 30282 Joomla3.0.3 + PostgresQL -- User Registration Problem -- Database query failed -- column 'sendemail' does not exist
Database 30286 SQL Server: define nameQuote, and fix install SQL script
Database 30545 Database Query String
Forms 30482 Fix tel validation in 2.5.x series
Front End 29240 Undefined property: JSite::$registeredurlparams
Front End 30046 Update SQLSRV with platform fixes
Front End 30154 Allow ability to upload file (eg: profile picture) through com_users registration view
Front End 30329 Missing tags feed and related items
Front End 30375 When state is changed in a list view it isn't changed in core_content
Front End 30387 Remove compact.xml
Installation and Updating 30107 Redirect plugin needs to be disabled by default