Category Issue # Title
Plugins 32584 Vote plugin not work
Plugins 32678 TinyMCE 4 in Joomla 3.2 have no image advanced options
Plugins 32690 captcha RECAPTCHA_API_SERVER has changed also
Plugins 32716 *Regression: TinyMCE non empty textarea on New or Save & New
Plugins 32740 Making Finder plugins language aware
SQL Files 32697 Shouldn't use hardcoded prefix jos_
SQL Files 32732 Update default sample data
Templates 30263 grid.boolean does not work properly
Templates 32337 Fix jform labelclass property
Templates 32412 protostar error page logo
Templates 32772 A Header is missing for thr beez3 login form
Templates 32884 Missing space from administrator template class declaration
User Interface 32452 Inconsistency for Yes/No radio type buttons in various configurations
User Interface 32504 Add class="center" to the content language view
User Interface 32506 Very smal center correction in the overrides table view
User Interface 32507 Correction of center in the template manager
User Interface 32597 Tags field is to big at the weblink submit form
User Interface 32815 Issues with the cache permissions
User Interface 32893 System information does not use the full width
User Interface 32981 'Install from Web' freezed after upgrade to 3.2.1 rc