Category Issue # Title
CMS Libraries 31855 *Stream.php: Changed isSupported() method, now it returns false if allow_url_fopen is not set.
CMS Libraries 32165 False helper include in article model file
CMS Libraries 32373 Use magic set and get methods in ordering form field
CMS Libraries 32477 *Multilanguage: Issue with submenu set to ALL
CMS Libraries 32509 group is missing from settable JFormField properties
CMS Libraries 32617 Email subsystem blocked after upgrade to Joomla 3.2
CMS Libraries 32656 Behavior.tabstate loads mootools where it is not required
CMS Libraries 32675 Missing check in JApplicationSite causes a fatal error
CMS Libraries 32766 Formfield `ChromeStyle` produces fatal error if used outside of com_modules.
CMS Libraries 32779 Tags formfield doesn't show tag when editing an item with the same id
CMS Libraries 32781 Missing required second argument in array_diff
CMS Libraries 32837 There is an issue in "JTableUser" class, storing user if user is blocked and no user groups is attached.
Code Quality 29596 Inefficient code
Code Quality 29791 Space inside extension manifest / server> xml node caused unclear / confusing error message
Code Quality 32162 Type attributes are not required in html(5)
Code Quality 32222 JMenu codestyle
Code Quality 32444 default option 'mobile' for Tinimce differ from tynimce.php and tinymce.xml
Code Quality 32456 "No" Fields at mod_search are blue
Code Quality 32528 tinymce.php; template_list.js inclusion with file_get_contents over http
Code Quality 32630 $config variable missing in comment