Category Issue # Title
Code Quality 32700 Cleanup beez3 error.php
Code Quality 32726 PHP notice in com_config
Code Quality 32775 Undefined property notices in PlgUserJoomla
Code Quality 32895 Fix E_STRICT notice in JFilterInput
Code Quality 32896 Update input.php (2.5.x)
Components 30517 *TAGS: wrong call to load lang files
Components 31055 Smart Search does not remove search phrases from index when saving an article
Components 31651 Hardening of com_media
Components 31678 [Regression] Modal behavior missing for user notes view
Components 31682 Options for ordering in config.xml of com_tags is wrong
Components 32130 com_search Warning: mb_strpos() problems
Components 32476 The form in view tag of com_tags is not properly closed when there is no associated items with the tag
Components 32626 *Banners Manager: Options is gone when filtering by a category
Components 32660 TinyMCE editor lacks link relation option
Components 32672 Fixed problem with featured view
Components 32693 com_ajax cannot access modules with dashes in their name
Components 32734 *Regression: Insert article in Frontend edit is broken: 500 JForm::getInstance could not load file
Components 32786 Stop canonical message in home page using featured view of com_content
Components 32897 Fix $app connection in Register Method
Database 32555 MS SQL Database configuration fails with multiple errors during a fresh Joomla! 3.2 installation.