Category Issue # Title
Database 32582 Upgrade to 3.2.0 errors as Postgres null date is '1970-01-01 00:00:00' instead of '0000-00-00 00:00:00'
Forms 32569 Missing validation with color rule J3/J2.5 with empty value
Front End 30780 Unexpected tag in mod_article_category template and timezone problem in articles model of com_content
Front End 32576 Wrong Recaptcha URLs causing broken captcha
Front End 32622 CSS Layout Issue with Protostar and Weblinks Front End Submit
Installation and Updating 31610 Problems in jhttp classes break updater
Installation and Updating 32776 *helpsite url can't be localised at install time
Javascript 26551 Multiple instances of script and css declarations with enabled caching
Javascript 32588 Joomla 3.2 JavaScript errors (Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function )
Languages and Strings 32516 Term "article" is used in descriptions of other content items
Languages and Strings 32546 Language strings missing for com_tags
Languages and Strings 32581 Untranslated String in the FE profiel (if you use a admin user)
Languages and Strings 32607 Remove two whitespaces and alphasort the content history string
Languages and Strings 32609 Debugger show a missing language string at some places
Languages and Strings 32680 Missing string
Languages and Strings 32731 Added new language strings for front end com_config
Languages and Strings 32738 Component options help button always links to Global Configuration help screen
Layouts 31494 Layout parameter is loaded with wrong filter
Layouts 32605 Heading TOO BIG in the screen "Template Manager: Customise Template"
Modules 28349 Incorrect ordering in Newsflash module