Category Issue # Title
Administration 29475 Warning: curl_setopt_array() [function.curl-setopt-array]:
Administration 32698 Avoid loading tabs-state.js in com_content frontend
Administration 32702 Regression - Menu type does not display components when they have directories that contain 'view' in the directory name
Administration 32825 Front End: Scheduled Articles are showing up on Contacts/Articles page
Administration 33288 The admin 'mod_custom' doesn't display images in the cpanel
Administration 33294 Badge filtering items doesn't filter correctly
Administration 33417 Remove the usage of the inputbox class from backend
Administration 33443 Not possible to add/edit a Menu in 3.3
Administration 33493 *Missing Icon for expired items
Administration 33514 [3.x] Change backend article ordering to id descending
Administration 33537 [Remove Mootools] Behavior Keepalive without any library dependency
Administration 33552 [3.x] Accessing undefined elements on Configuration > Text filters
Administration 33555 *Notice when ordering and using batch in some tables in back-end managers
Administration 33589 J3.3.0 beta JS Error
Administration 33652 Fix Yes/No Option for the proxy radio
Authentication and Login 33115 Implementing bcrypt as default method for authentication in Joomla
Authentication and Login 33539 Do not log in the user using cookie if a password reset is required
Authentication and Login 33570 Installation script stirps
CMS Libraries 32994 Create JHtml::_('behavior.core') to decouble core.js from mootools framework
CMS Libraries 33333 Unnecessary Queries from JTableNested class