Category Issue # Title
ACL 33562 Access to this article for registered users bypassing the ACL after the article id.
ACL 33769 com_menus doesn't respect component permissions
Administration 32957 Remove doubled description tab in template styles
Administration 33641 Misleading cache time settings
Administration 33701 User Notes Categories - Error in menu and filter selection
Administration 33767 Fix/Add com_banners title icons
Authentication and Login 33784 Add token to user reset link
Authentication and Login 33809 Remove MooTools autofocus with jQuery autofocus
CMS Libraries 30246 Error with Reply-To Name handling, names are lost
CMS Libraries 30587 Current Protocol not considered by JUri::base when $live_site is set
CMS Libraries 31404 Joomla! Memcached session problem when the Memcached daemon uses a non-standard port
CMS Libraries 31603 Move Observercalls from cms.php to proper table classes
CMS Libraries 32483 Can't identify browser version" notice in konqueror/4.10.3
CMS Libraries 33163 Improve the JFeedFactory when the allow_url_fopen = OFF - Use CURL as alternative
CMS Libraries 33430 Cleaning up datalist for JFormfieldText
CMS Libraries 33454 JMicrodata - reset params after the display() method
CMS Libraries 33620 User selector goes wrong in user id validation
CMS Libraries 33753 complete implementation of Redis Caching
CMS Libraries 33807 JFolder::copy does not test the nonexistence of the destination folder
CMS Libraries 33836 JApplication::getHash() is wrong because the function doesn't exist.