Category Issue # Title
Administration 30373 Installer 404 should be 403 for authorization
Administration 30648 Incorrect ID for trash toolbar button when message is added
Administration 32124 phpwarnings if directory in unwritable.
Administration 32173 Wrong path generation in new template edit screen
Administration 32550 Upgrade to 2.5.15 breaks update manager
Administration 32600 Article Manager: Options is gone when filtering an category
Administration 32627 Back end configuration does not work if cache is enabled
Administration 32635 Fixed issue with description tab showing twice
Administration 32636 Fixed issue with fields splitting causing layout issues
Administration 32640 viewsite class has been removed from mod_status (J3.2)
Administration 32741 Error 404 when leaving K2 config box in Joomla 3.2
Administration 32844 *Rgression: Batch Copy modules does not work if a position is not chosen
Administration 32889 Version Note field is shown based on com_content settings for all extensions
Authentication and Login 32585 Password reset does not work
Authentication and Login 32804 Broken bcrypt implementation and password handling improvements
Authentication and Login 32930 Use Portable PHP Passwords (PHPass) for password hashes.
Authentication and Login 32945 Fixing remember me feature after recent revert of "strong passwords"
Automated Test 32813 Fix a failing unit test
Automated Test 32845 Travis tests failing
CMS Libraries 31425 Invalid debug database queries count