Category Issue # Title
ACL 30906 *Batch usage needs strict permissions
ACL 31064 Wrong access check for com_checkin
Administration 26548 [patch] incorrect error check in menus.php
Administration 27935 'Next' button not working on first try after login in com_users
Administration 30536 Allow plugins to add dynamically menu types to the list constructed from XML files.
Administration 30618 *Adding filtering by Unprotected extensions in Extensions Manager=>Manage
Administration 30622 Queries not using JDatabase
Administration 30729 Template Editor does not Display well in FireFox
Administration 30744 tag mappings are not deleted after a tag is deleted
Administration 30754 Wrong display of the Debug Console (404 Error)
Administration 30810 Disable ReCaptcha plugin when Joomla is installed
Administration 30849 Show alias for menu items on menu assignement
Administration 30909 Batch process modules doesnt allow new module positions
Administration 30945 Wrong error when folder creation not possible due to permissions: DateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string (jerror) at position 0 (j): The timezone could not be found in the database
Administration 30980 Undefined variable extension
Administration 30987 Menu type alias does not behave as expected [regression]
Administration 31098 *UX Suggestions for Batch button
Administration 31099 Incorrect Access Levels in Tags List View
Administration 31188 Fixed issue with not being able to select color white
Administration 31212 Changed tooltips of table headings from Mootools to Bootstrap