Category Issue # Title
Media Manager 31044 media manager overlay preview broken
Media Manager 31073 Preview image has height of max 18px
Modules 30663 Default Value for the Option Show Sub-menu Items to be Set as Yes
Modules 30673 Improving query for similar tags module
Modules 30797 *Wrapper module url field should be required
Modules 30949 Feed module generates empty list for non-existing entries
Modules 31105 Truncate introtext can break html
Modules 31122 archived articles module shows multiple entries same month
Modules 31179 code quality, mod_breadscrumbs
Modules 31220 Invalid Feed URL for Module Feed Display causes generation of page 'The requested page cannot be found' & makes site un-navigable
None 30324 *Added ability to restrict the number of displayed results to mod_related_items
None 30370 Added ability to add sprintf variables to JText string
None 30525 Add a PSR-0 compatible autoloader to JLoader
None 31060 Show item title on the Edit page
None 31087 Add SQL queries profiler in Debug zone with backtrace of call and EXPLAIN hovers
None 31100 UX 'showon': Dynamic options in the Joomla Backend
None 31158 *Multilanguage: Editing an article in frontend deletes its associations
None 31184 *Multilanguage: Frontend article edit may break when using associations
None 31190 *Multilanguage improvement: edit associated items in the Association Tab
None 31219 Update to PHPMailer 5.2.6