Category Issue # Title
CMS Libraries 30726 Error when try to save category with tags.
CMS Libraries 30966 Add handling for punycode urls and emails and fix a number of places where urls and emails are used.
CMS Libraries 30983 Move JPagination to the CMS tree
CMS Libraries 31166 Undefined property: JTableCorecontent::$metakey
CMS Libraries 31256 Commit for issue 30966 garbles HTML for emails in forms
CMS Libraries 31289 Add JResponseJson as a CMS library class
CMS Libraries 31293 Allow all password error messages to be shown
CMS Libraries 31338 Exception when saving articles etc with no tags
CMS Libraries 31371 Commit for issue 31351 causes PHP notice in Banner Tracks
Code Quality 30479 Cleanup of unused variables
Code Quality 30571 * Strict Standards: Declaration of ContentModelCategories::populateState() should be compatible with JModel::populateState()
Code Quality 30721 Removes unnecessary clearfix divs
Code Quality 30773 Change the year of copyright in 2.5.x files
Code Quality 30777 Removes html elements used in the wrong context
Code Quality 30819 Removes unnecessary clearfix divs
Code Quality 30871 Remove an unneeded empty()
Code Quality 30895 Fix An undefined variable called in JApplication
Code Quality 30898 Corrects styling issues with mod_articles_category by removing h tags
Code Quality 30918 Code duplication removal for saveOrderAjax
Code Quality 30923 Notice in Tags