Category Issue # Title
Forms 31057 Missing Read More Button in editing articles
Forms 31189 Some fields are missing from the tags edit screen
Forms 31363 Commit for issue 30966 garbles HTML for URL's in forms
Front End 30488 Wrong default values for weblink icons in layout
Front End 30658 Adds WAI-ARIA Landmark Roles to Protostar
Front End 30659 Adds html5 elements to Protostar
Front End 30779 Fatal error in single contact category list if category is unpublished
Front End 31125 Category images don't show in Categories list
Front End 31128 Double category description newsfeed categories
Front End 31148 wrong check for permissions to edit weblinks in frontend
Installation and Updating 30077 Install Sample Data - Options are confusing
Installation and Updating 30771 Extension Manager Check Database doesn't handle SQL queries with leading comments.
Installation and Updating 31147 *Install sample data None does not display tooltip
Installation and Updating 31285 Joomla Installation is broken with the current git!
Languages and Strings 27307 weblink or web link. Web Link or Web link
Languages and Strings 30737 Incorrect title of the User Note Categories Manager
Languages and Strings 30740 Site name tooltip not translatable correctly
Languages and Strings 30769 Still There are Reference to Joomla! 3.0 Version in 3.1
Languages and Strings 30787 Select Tags filter cannot be translated correctly
Languages and Strings 30788 com_newsfeeds title is inconsequent in the backend