Category Issue # Title
Code Quality 30931 Allow folder names without 's' at the end
Code Quality 31028 *Multilang code quality normalisation
Code Quality 31066 Cleanup Tag Storing
Code Quality 31108 Fatal erorr right after install
Code Quality 31173 Only default/global Filter Label for seach at the Extensions Manager
Code Quality 31204 JMenu documentation
Code Quality 31213 Redundant code
Code Quality 31216 Improved some syntax
Code Quality 31275 Change use of self:: to static:: in JHtml helpers
Code Quality 31310 Password rule warning in 5.3.
Code Quality 31343 PHPCS fixes for the content plugins
Code Quality 31345 Correct typo in deprecated logging
Components 28081 Smart Search Results Page Displays Wrong Modules
Components 28288 Unnesessary initialiazing of tooltips in category blog
Components 30125 Search module does not take into account the 'search only' selected
Components 30150 com_content loads articles before error checking
Components 30500 Show / Hide Filter Field not working in tags layouts
Components 30544 Article Alternative Layout is not applied in Single Article menu item
Components 30672 Category blog: COM_CONTENT_NO_ARTICLES message is missing
Components 30723 Can't upload file after update from 2.5.9 to 2.5.10