Category Issue # Title
Components 30727 A unpublished or deleted tag is still visible in 'List of all tags' menu item
Components 30748 *Multilanguage issue with contacts
Components 30757 Unpublished blog items output an extra DIV closure, breaking lauyout
Components 30800 Blog item is not rendering intro image
Components 30943 Typo in com_users registration model causes registration to fail
Components 30954 Support for accent-insensitive search using the default search component
Components 30956 No published field in Contacts Component
Components 30999 JArrayHelper::sortObjects() is using the wrong value for $locale argument in many places
Components 31026 Fatal error: Class 'JFile' not found when saving content override
Components 31039 Error when a 'Manager' deletes a category.
Components 31043 *Status filtering bug in categories Manager
Components 31045 HITS Column Admin Panel
Components 31272 Fix tags help screen views
Components 31340 *PHP notice when saving weblink
Components 31361 SQL Error in Banner Manager: Clients
Database 30607 Removing the array part in field_mappings
Database 30783 Use JDatabase instead of MySQL queries on com_menus
Database 30868 MySQL specific syntax used in JTableCorecontent::storeUcmBase()
Database 31327 Debug plugin (git master version only) doesn't catch SQL errors
Forms 30816 Documentation error