Category Issue # Title
Languages and Strings 30867 More ':' than we need at Mass Mail
Languages and Strings 30982 Fast links for item language associations management
Languages and Strings 30994 Untranslated String
Languages and Strings 31001 *Missing lang string for Protostar
Languages and Strings 31032 'Default' toolbar buttons with different labels
Languages and Strings 31176 Change the Language String for the Language Keyword INSTL_ADMIN_USER_DESC
Languages and Strings 31207 Can't find 'Purge Cache' at Install language
Languages and Strings 31263 Missing JHELP Keys from 5 Tags Adiministrative Views, Help Buttons do not resolve correctly
Languages and Strings 31290 Add Debug User Group Help Screen language string
Languages and Strings 31291 Remove timezone data from language file
Layouts 29766 Missed ordering lists in User Managerr
Layouts 30566 Tag Items List Layout Background Alternating Color Bug
Layouts 30695 Duplicate for tags field
Layouts 30985 *New JLayout for edit_associations
Layouts 31150 Weblinks images
Layouts 31186 Some HTML errors
Layouts 31296 Edit profile button comes before page-header instead of after
Layouts 31298 Drop downs on menu item edit are broken
Layouts 31320 Modified date used instead of created date in featured layout
Layouts 31325 Modified date used instead of created date in article layout