Category Issue # Title
Administration 31214 Added method to generate the check-all checkbox in grids
Administration 31217 Removed useless title on ID checkboxes
Administration 31218 Added tooltips to simple state buttons in grid views
Administration 31225 Added tooltips to simple state buttons in grid views (com_banners, com_installer)
Administration 31229 Fixed: DebugGroup and DebugUser not working
Administration 31231 Removed useless row id columns Edit
Administration 31232 Fixed bootstrap.min.js
Administration 31321 Fixed issue with tooltip text not being escaped when no title is given
Administration 31322 Made title of search boxes show as tooltip
Administration 31324 Fixed error about Undefined property JTableUser::$checked_out when saving a user
Administration 31346 Parent tag field not working
Administration 31348 Regression for plugin filter search with spaces in the title
Authentication and Login 30808 Typo in com_users/models/registration.php
Authentication and Login 30932 Missing variable in gmail authentication
Authentication and Login 31143 Registration with invalid password when non-core template
Browsers 29922 Browser Agent Google Chrome on IOS
Browsers 30790 Typo in header makes header useless
CMS Libraries 30003 Clean-up merge from Platform: JDatabaseQuery-format
CMS Libraries 30354 Invalid Javascript Redirect in JApplication::redirect() when headers have already been sent
CMS Libraries 30497 Consolidate JHtml classes to CMS tree